In order to put forward the progress made on maple, several communication tools have been developed. Whether audio-visual materials or infographics, there are many ways to talk about the results of all these research!



Science and maple according to Dr Navindra Seeram


Health beneficial compounds present in Quebec maple syrup


The benefits of maple syrup, according to Navindra Seeram and Yves Desjardins




More than just syrup!



Can Pure Maple Syrup Help Reduce Chronic Inflammation?

Could a Pure Maple Syrup Extract Be Tapped for Better Brain Health?

Could Maple Syrup be a Better Choice in Controlling Blood Sugar?

100% Pure Maple Syrup: A beneficial consumption when compared to other sweetening agents

NAPSI-certified Pure Maple Water Now Available For Sale

Reasearchers Uncover a Potential New Benefit of Maple Syrup on Liver Health

Could Maple Syrup From Canada Be the Next Champion Food?

Could Our Maple Syrup Be the Next Superfood?

Canadian maple syrup to contain more than 20 antioxidant compounds which are known to slow cancerous cell growth.




Research Program Overview – US


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