Ensuring the integrity of all research studies associated with QMSP is paramount. We adhere to a set of strict guiding principles and require all researchers and institutions with which we collaborate to do the same.



Require all sponsored investigators and institutions to disclose QMSP as a funding source in all presentations, publications and social media.


Register all clinical trials prior to commencement of each study with clinicaltrials.gov when applicable.


Require researchers to attempt to publish their results regardless of study outcome, and as per institutions policies unless study outcomes render the data to be unpublishable (i.e. unfinished study).


Provide a copy of the Research Principles to all contracted scientists and institutions, and require that they are strictly adhered to by all parties involved in research.

Maintain Credibility

Guarantee that researchers will put forth an appropriately phrased hypothesis and the research will answer the corresponding questions, rather than favor a particular outcome.

Uphold Independence

The scientific investigators will adhere to accepted scientific principles, methods, execution, data analysis, and interpretation of results; and maintain control of the study design and research throughout the process. Payments for research are not contingent on study outcomes.

Follow Established Best Practices

Adhere to the “Guiding Principles for Private Funding of Food Science and Nutrition Research” from the International Life Science Institute (ILSI) North America. http://ilsi.org