The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers is pleased to report on two new scientific discoveries which show that Canadian maple syrup can be good for you. These studies build on recent findings on the nutritional value of maple products, which have revealed both the antioxidant properties of maple syrup as well as the discovery of substantial quantities of abscisic acid. Abscisic acid is a phytohormone known to stimulate insulin release through pancreatic cells and to increase sensitivity of fat cells to insulin, which makes it a potent weapon against metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

The first of these new discoveries comes from the work of renowned American researcher Navindra Seeram from the University of Rhode Island. He has found 13 new antioxidant compounds which were not known to exist in syrup until now. Published reports have documented the anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-diabetic properties of these antioxidant compounds. Dr Seeram, who was named 2009 Young Scientist of the Year by the American Chemical Society (ACS), presented his findings on Canadian maple syrup at the ACS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.


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