André Marette

Dr. Marette is a full professor in Université Laval’s Faculty of Medicine. He is a researcher at the Institut de cardiologie et pneumologie de Québec and holds a Research Chair in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Dr. Marette’s work focusses on the causes of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and the treatment of these maladies. In particular, he is studying the role of intestinal microbiota in the pathogenesis of these diseases and developing treatment strategies for them based on this new knowledge.

Dr. Marette has published more than 220 articles, literature reviews, and book chapters. He is the recipient of numerous honours including the University of Toronto’s prestigious Charles Best Lectureship Award, an international-level recognition of the honouree’s contribution to the advancement of diabetes research. He received Diabetes Québec’s 50th anniversary bursary for his efforts in research and training.

Since 2016, he has been Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious scientific journal American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology & Metabolism. André Marette has also authored two books, one for the general public entitled “La vérité sur le sucre” published last year by VLB and Dervy-Médicis, and a scientific text Yogurt: Roles in Nutrition and Impacts on Health, published by CRC Press in 2017.


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