Fadi Ali

Fadi Ali has worked as a researcher in Centre ACER’s Maple Products and Processes division since 2012. With more than 20 years in applied research toward the development of food and biotechnology products, Dr. Ali has enormous expertise in food-process engineering (purification and separation by membrane, drying, preservation, etc). He’s also gathered a wealth of experience in the formulations of functional foods and natural preparations rich in active ingredients.

His articles are often published in specialized scientific journals and he’s presented his research on many occasions at national and international conferences. Dr. Ali first came to Centre ACER in 2007 to work on the role emerging technologies could play in the processing of maple products. His interest was piqued, and it eventually led to his ACER career in which he focuses on the processing of maple sap (membrane concentration, thermal and nonthermal treatments, and the design of value-added products from maple syrup and maple water). The three main orientations of such research are to improve processes, to study their effects on the properties and characteristics of sap, concentrate, and syrup, and to explore the potential of production processes.


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