Ismaïl Fliss

Dr Fliss is Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Laval University. After receiving his diploma of Doctor Veterinarian medicine, he undertook a PhD in Food science and Technology at Laval University. In 1996, he completed postdoctoral work at the agency Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ottawa. Dr Fliss is recognized worldwide for its work on the identification, purification and use in different sectors (food, medical and veterinary), of bacteriocins of lactic acid bacteria as natural antimicrobials. He recently published a database (Bactibase) on bacteriocins and proposed a new classification of these antimicrobial molecules of natural origin.

Over the last five years, Dr. Fliss has initiated a multidisciplinary scientific program in the field of probiotics. He developed a unique expertise in the isolation and characterization of natural strains of bifidobacteria and the demonstration of their probiotic potential by using different in vitro and in vivo models. He is particularly interested in the antimicrobial activity of probiotic strains and the role of bacteriocins in this activity. Dr Fliss has published a hundred of scientific articles and 10 book chapters, holds five patents.


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