Luc Lagacé

Luc Lagacé graduated from Université Laval with a B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology and an M.Sc. in Agri-Food Microbiology, and from Université de Montréal with a PhD. in Veterinary Microbiology. He started at Centre ACER as a researcher in 1999 and assumed leadership of the Maple Products and Processes division in 2010. He is recognized for his considerable expertise in maple microbiology and the quality, purity, and physicochemical and functional properties of maple products. Dr. Lagacé’s research has taught us a great deal about the microbiota of maple sap and their impact on the properties of maple syrup. This knowledge supported the development of techniques that have refined sap collection systems with an eye to their impact on quality and yield. His work has also made it possible to analyze selected properties of maple syrup by exposing it to light rays at specific wavelengths.

The resulting rapid spectral methods evaluate maple syrup quality and purity with a tool that is now widely-used in the industry for the inspection and classification of bulk maple syrup. Other research under his guidance measured potential chemical contaminants such as formaldehyde, sulfites, and plastics residues in maple products, paving the way to concentration limits and risk evaluation for such compounds. Dr. Lagacé’s work on maple sap’s chemical composition also identified concentrations of major and minor compounds and how production variables may contribute to their presence. This impressive body of research has been documented in several peer-reviewed articles as well as those intended for the general public. He has shared his findings at many national and international conferences and symposiums. Luc Lagacé is a member of the American Chemical Society. As an associate professor in Université Laval’s Food Science and Nutrition department, he contributed to the educations of countless graduate students. He has served (and continues to serve) on several committees in the Québec and North American maple industries.


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