Nathalie Martin

Nathalie Martin achieved a PhD in Food Science and Technology at Université Laval’s Centre STELA, Canada’s only dairy research institution, in July 1999 and has worked in food research ever since. Almost all that time (since 2001) has been spent at Centre de recherche, de développement et de transfert technologique acéricole Inc (Centre ACER). A member of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec, Dr. Martin oversees ACER’s maple chemistry portfolio with research on the quality and processing of maple products. Her projects embrace ACER’s mandate of applied research, development and technology transfer with the goal of better understanding the impact of processing on the physicochemical, nutritional, and sensory properties of maple. She’s led numerous projects for the Centre (private industry contracts, public mandates funded by MAPAQ and Agriculture Canada, etc.) with orientations across the industry spectrum, from producers and producer groups to processors and equipment manufacturers to inspectors, MAPAQ and CFIA. Dr. Martin serves this wide clientele with research and development of new products and processes, efficiency evaluations of input products, packaging, equipment, and so on, and the identification and resolution de problems in production and processing.

Further to her role with Centre ACER, she performs applied consultation and training for the maple industry and its producers with outreach at all levels: interviews and articles for the general public in newspapers in addition to her scientific research articles; participation in symposia (posters and oral presentations); face-to-face activities with producers and sitting on expert committees; producing fact sheets of useful information, and; training clinics such as on maple syrup’s flavours, yet another subject at the core of her responsibilities at ACER. Dr. Martin heads the Centre’s efforts to develop the knowledgeable tasting of maple syrup and maple water, with tools like the Maple Flavour Wheel.